SSRS bug– Exporting to Excel creates invalid file

Another new one for me, so another one I decided to write a quick little blog about.

I created a fairly simple report the other day, which has a value column, which the report owner wanted formatting to two decimal places. However when the test user was exporting the file to excel they received the following error message:

Repaired Records: Cell information from /xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml part

Not only that, but on zero value cells in my value column, the zeros were coming through as ā€œ0.000000000000000000ā€

A quick Google search turned up the following link:

So in my case the problem occurred when a view, my source stored proc was referencing,, was handling a calculated column as decimal (38,16). The workaround for me was to simply cast the column as (35,13), as testing verified this would not affect my end results.

If you genuinely need to have more numerical columns with a precision higher than 14, then I can only recommend you upvote the bug reported in the link above.


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