ApexSQL Diff review

My place of work recently rolled out ApexSQL to its development team. Having not used it before, but being familiar with other schema comparison programs I must say I am quite the fan.

Based on the screenshot below which compares a DEV and a PROD version of the same database, you can see it is very easy to see which objects have changed and which objects are new/unique in both databases. I particularly like the way it divides out all of this different objects, which you could choose to exclude from the comparison if you wished.

Another feature I like, which is very common amongst schema comparison tools is the script window at the bottom of the program, which highlights any changes and scrolls both versions of the object in synchronicity making it nice an easy to review all the changes to an object.

One concern I do have, is when scripting changes to be executed at a later date, ApexSQL seems quite indiscriminate in choosing to alter an object or dropping and re-creating the object, which could obviously cause some problems down the line with potential data loss.

But overall, for a company still in the infancy of source/version control this program is a welcome relief when it comes to deploying (only) changes to an existing database, and no ApexSQL have not paid me for any of this review.

For more information please visit: https://www.apexsql.com/


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